Hôtel trois étoiles à Follonica, mer, Toscane
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Hôtel 3 étoiles à Follonica, mer, Toscane

More taste to your Holidays



Franciacorta and Salmon

Admire the sunset on our Gulf sipping a glass of Franciacorta Brut and delicious salmon canapés. You can enjoy by yourself or share this pleasure in our Lounge, on our Terrace or blissfully relaxed in our Beach Club.


Oysters in bellavista

Admire the descent of the sun on our Gulf while sipping a glass of Bellavista Brut with 4 fresh oysters. Enjoy this Pleasure in our Lounge, on the Terrace or blissfully relaxed in our Beach Club.











 Lobster in Bellavista


Bellavista Lobster is a refined and important dish.


It is cooked in the court-bouillon and enhances its compactness and unmistakable aroma.

The combination with our light mayonnaise and Julienne vegetable crudité make this dish one of the cornerstones of our cuisine.

What you need to know: by booking this Experience you will be offered a glass of Prosecco.




Spaghetti Clams and Bottarga di Orbetello


Everyone knows Spaghetti whit Clams.


We want you to try a delicacy by adding the Bottarga of the Orbetello Lagoon: la ‘’Bottarga di Orbetello’’ is a tradition that dates back to the early 1400s and is prepared with the mullet ovary, amber colored and flavored.

Always considered a local specialty, produced almost exclusively at the family level, for many years it has not been widespread and is still one of the treasures of the Maremma to discover, to taste!

The Sommelier suggest you: "Vermentino di Bolgheri"


Fresh Maltagliati "Montecristo"


A very important dish, one of our specialties, a first course and a second course, a revisited '' Cacciucco’’ in a non-spicy tomato sauce, a true triumph of crustaceans and clams in a triumph our homemade ‘’Maltagliati’’, a tastefully kind of Pasta.

What you need to know: by booking this experience you will be offered a glass of Prosecco.

The Sommelier suggest you: "Aliè Rosè" or Champagne



Linguine "Calaviolina" bronze-drawned


A fabulous dish, one of our specialties, which combines bronze-drowned Linguine with shellfish and seafood.


The Sommelier suggest: "FRANCIACORTA BRUT"


Florentine steak with fresh rosemary rustic Potatoes 


They said in Florence: «Because then some of Tuscany can't even cut it: they make it low, without the fillet... You just look at the boneless steaks! But for us the steak is STEAK... almost three fingers tall!"


These few words in the Florentine vernacular say us a lot: at least 3 fingers tall, with a considerable weight that never drops below a 1.200 grams with the bone, it finds its peculiarity in its bone. In fact the T-bone is first well heated on the plate very well by keeping the meat raised, first on one side then on the other, then it is passed on the grill on the back side and turned like a wheel, then few seconds again on the plate on one side and then the other side, to seal the aroma’s and served almost rare, very rare!

We accompany it with the rustic potatoes with fresh rosemary.

Take all the time you need to eat it, because the Florentine Steak is an Experience that the world envies us!

What you need to know: the Steak has a weight of about 1kg and 200 grams.




Beef fillet "Alla Maremmana" with porcino mushroom chapel 


This Experience will take you to the heart of our land of Maremma, with the scents of our pastures and our spots where the Porcino mushroom thrives in the secret places of its Kingdoms and collected by the connoisseurs of its paths, the so called "Porcinai".


We serve you a fillet with the most prized part of Porcino, its chapel.

What you need to know: by booking this Experience you will be offered a liqueur at the end of the meal.

The Sommelier will advise you: "Bolgheri Rosso" or "Le Volte dell’ Ornellaia"






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